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Dealer Instructions


How to build your Dealer page on


Login… (Dealer login button on home page)…


Click on the ‘Vendor Admin’ tab top right first….



  1. Profile   This is where you upload the specific logo or other graphics for your business you would like to use.  This must be in a “JPG, GIF, BMP or PNG” format to upload the image where indicated.  The Special Offer box adds a line of info to your Flag on the Road Trip Map. Click on the Update button for each change you make.


  1. About Us   If you have any specific promotional text that you would like to include on our website for your business description you would type it here.  Click on the Update button at the bottom of the page to save what you have written. Use the board above to personalize your info. For now the first 200 characters also populate the description seen next to your logo on the main page. There is no limit to the amount of info you can have here.


  1. Items  This is the page where you can Add, Delete or Modify an item for sale, pictures of your shop or promote your vendors. To add or modify an item just click that option and fill in the blanks. JPG or PNG is best. Max of ten items at any one time. (For now pay NO attention to that Location field) Do not use large resolution pics (files). It slows down the load time considerably or even stops the upload. Use the next to lowest resolution on your camera. 


  1. Locations   If you have more than one location to display you will add them here.  Click on the Add or Update Location button for each location you have. There are some quirks here so call or email me before you get too frustrated. Email additional locations you have to be on the safe side.


  1. Events   This is where you would put any special events you want people to know about.  Such as a grand opening of a new store, barn sale or a special weekend promotion.  Any event you post will appear under the ‘Upcoming Events’ tab too interfiled with other events happening the same day.  Click on Add or Update Event to save your changes.


  1. Hours   This info appears to the right of your contact info and is intended to show your shop hours. You can use it to give directions or any temporary info.  We do recommend hours if you have a store front. Please don’t bold or center, just type in info and system will place for you. 200 or so characters and spaces max. I suggest you copy this info and paste to the Special Offer box under the Profile tab. This info will now appear on your Road Trip flag then.


Don’t forget to hit Add or Update!!!


The features are very user friendly but if you do experience difficulties or have any questions please email your questions or changes to:. 




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