Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Iowa…get ready for a great weekend of Sales & Open Houses….Be There!!!!
JUNK GARDEN in Manson starts the weekend off Thursday with their first annual July Junkin Jamboree. This is a two weekend event!
Weston Primitive Co Open House in Shenandoah starts Friday for three days … great & unique items.
In Avoca, Ne Bloom Where You’re Planted Farm Barn Sale is Saturday.. If you like old bridges cross the Missouri at Plattsmouth.
Also on Saturday is The Shabby Tabby “FrEsH PiCkEd JuNk EvEnt” in Decatur City.
Rounding out Saturday is the Store Wide Sale at The Antique Cartel in Eldridge and the Brookings Summer Arts Festival in Brookings, SD.
8th St. Studio in Clarinda continues with their July 25% off sale too!
For more info on each event visit the Upcoming Events tab on www.IowaAntiqueNetwork.com and let us know of any happenings we have missed…we will get the word out. Use the Road Trip Map to help plan your travels please!
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