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Farm House Collectibles-Anita

764 Main Street
Anita, IA, 50020
Tel: 712-254-0291
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Open Wednesday Thursday 11-6

Friday 11-6pm

Saturday 10am-3pm

Farm House Collectibles is a multi vendor shop

with a wide range of collectibles, antiques, vintage and unique finds. 

Kendra is the owner and an accomplished artist in her own right. 

Check our events page for classes throughout the year.

More about Kendra ..

"I have been painting for 40 years non-stop. I started painting when I was 13 years old. I did the whole college thing for 6 years on and off. But I always wanted to my way, as Monet said: "Master of my own world." But I always wanted to paint portraits. But other avenues took me through landscapes, experimental painting, abstract air brushing, and even crafts.
I would paint everything I could get my hands on. I would always have to work. I have sold hundreds of pieces over the years, commission works. And every aspect of every kind of work. 
What do you say in a bio? Without expressing vanity.
After all these years i'm still painting. And as Cessaun once said:"work is the souls' refuge." It is true!
I now have my own shop, for which is a great challenge. You have to try to reach your goals and to pass on the knowledge that took years of research to do.
Thank you for visiting my small corner of the world!"

Farm House Collectibles
Farm House Collectibles
Come visit Farm House Collectibles in Anita...
Details: Image, Added 01/17/19
Inside Farm House Collectibles in Anita...
Details: Image, Added 01/17/19
More Finds
More of the great finds inside Farm House Collectibles in Anita...
Details: Image, Added 01/17/19
Even More
Even More Great Finds at Farm House Collectibles...
Details: Image, Added 01/17/19
Vintage Lamp...
Details: Image, Added 01/17/19


764 Main Street
Anita, IA, 50020 - 712-254-0291, USA

Saturday 8th June

06/08/19 10:00 AM - 06/08/19 06:30 PM
3 Crones Festival

A Unique Festival given by Artisan's for Artisan's, Crafters, Refurbished, Vintage, Antiques, etc,. and food vendors.

Location: Airport, Anita


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