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Rust Bucket Decor-Logan

412 E 7th St
Logan, IA, 51546
Tel: 712-644-2044
Facebook Page: Rust Bucket Decor-Logan

Tuesday Friday 10:30 to 5 Saturday 9 to 4

Rust Bucket Decor in Logan is all about

vintage, handmades, primitives, junk and more!

Visit our shop and garden soon!!

Step Back Cabinets
Step Back Cabinets
Nice selection of Step Back Cabinets and other cabinets...
Details: Image, Added 08/03/18
Cast iron settee
Cast iron Settee ...
Details: Image, Added 08/03/19
1803 Candles and Wax
1803 Soy Candles and Wax, several different fragences...
Details: Image, Added 08/03/18
Coke Button
Metal Coke Button Sign 48 diameter $300...
Details: Image, Added 08/03/18
Monarch Wood/ Coal Stove
1918 Monarch Malleable Wood/Coal Stove with original owners manual...
Details: Image, Added 08/03/18
Gift items
Just a few of the wonderful finds inside Rust Bucket Decor .. adding a little "new" to the "old"...
Details: Image, Added 08/02/18
Visit our outside garden area full of unique yard and garden art!!...
Details: Image, Added 08/03/19


412 E 7th St
Logan, IA, 51546 - 712-644-2044, USA


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