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Antiques of Okoboji-Okoboji

1000 Sanborn Avenue
Okoboji, IA, 51355
Tel: 712-339-5468
Facebook Page: Antiques of Okoboji-Okoboji

Mon-Sat 10 to 5 Sun 12 to 5

Opening November 1st at new location,

606 Highway 71 South

Antiques of Okoboji is area's newest antique & vintage mall.

Lots of vendors offering vintage, antiques, collectibles and the areas largest selection of vinyl records.

Open Monday through Saturday 10 to 5 and Sunday 12 to 5!

Vintage Finds
Vintage Finds
Browse the many rooms of vintage and antique finds .. ...
Details: Image, Added 07/31/19
Rooms of Vintage .. ...
Details: Image, Added 12/04/17
More Vintage Finds
Lots of vintage at Antiques of Okoboji......
Details: Image, Added 12/04/17
Red Truck Records
Red Truck Records is one of many wonderful vendors at Antiques of Okoboji and is the areas best source for quality vinyl records....
Details: Image, Added 12/04/17
Just a few of the finds inside Antiques of Okoboji .....
Details: Image, Added 11/22/17
More Finds
More finds inside Antiques of Okoboji......
Details: Image, Added 11/22/17
Even More
Even more examples of the wonderful finds inside Antiques of Okoboji...<br /> ...
Details: Image, Added 11/22/17


1000 Sanborn Avenue
Okoboji, IA, 51355 - 712-339-5468, USA


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