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Emma Rae's Antiques & Uniques-Dewitt

714 6th Ave
Dewitt, IA, 52742
Tel: 563-659-3723
Facebook Page: Emma Rae's Antiques & Uniques-Dewitt

Monday-Thursday 9:30 to 5

Friday 9:30 to 6

Saturday 10 to 5

Sunday 11:30 to 4:00

Emma Rae’s Antiques & Uniques

is DeWitt, Iowa's oldest antique mall that sells

antiques, collectibles, unique gifts and more.

Emma Raes Antiques & Uniques in Dewitt...!!...
Details: Image, Added 03/21/17
Just an idea of all the wonderful finds inside Emma Raes Antique & Uniques in Dewitt!!...
Details: Image, Added 03/27/17
More finds inside Emma Raes Antiques & Uniques.....
Details: Image, Added 03/21/17
Even more wonderful finds inside Emma Maes Antiques & Uniques!...
Details: Image, Added 03/21/17


714 6th Ave
Dewitt, IA, 52742 - 563-659-3723, USA

Saturday 27th April

04/27/19 08:00 AM - 04/27/19 05:00 PM
4th Anniversary Open House at Emma Rae's Antiques & Uniques

Join us as we celebrate Emma Rae's Antiques & Uniques 4th Anniversary Open House.

Please come, bring a friend and enjoy Super Sales throughout the store, snacks and beverages, prize give aways, mystery receipts at checkout for cash back and much more!

Location: Emma Rae's Antiques & Uniques 714 6th Ave, DeWitt


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