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Tempel's Timeless Treasures-Kamrar

430 Hill
Kamrar, IA, 50132
Tel: 515-297-1069
Facebook Page: Tempel's Timeless Treasures-Kamrar

Fri-Sat-Sun 10 to 4 & by Appointment

Antiques primatives junk salvage crocks cast iron and more!

Details: Image, Added 08/19/17
Its this a beauty ...
Details: Image, Added 04/15/17
This is a nice old tool box...
Details: Image, Added 04/29/17
More inside
Some new items that came in this week...
Details: Image, Added 04/28/17
What\'s inside
This is a nice secretary we picked up this week...
Details: Image, Added 05/28/17
New items
This is a nice lawyers stack bookcase we just got done refinishing. We brought it into the shop today...
Details: Image, Added 08/19/17
This is a beautiful oak parlor table. Look at the claw feet on it...
Details: Image, Added 05/28/17
More Inside
New vintage glassware and display cabinet ...
Details: Image, Added 04/15/17


430 Hill
Kamrar, IA, 50132 - 515-297-1069, USA

Friday 24th November

11/24/17 10:00 AM - 11/26/17 04:00 PM
Tempel's Timeless Treasures Shop Small Sale
We will be having a 10% discount on everything in the store for Shop Small weekend. November 24,25,and the 26. Come and get in on some great deals.
Location: 430 Hill, Kamrar


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