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17615 670TH AVENUE
Nevada, IA, 50201
Tel: 515-290-5051
Facebook Page: RusTiqueAge-Nevada

Etsy Store Hours Are 10:00AM - 5PM MON-SAT and

Occasional Barn Sales Throughout the Summer!! Follow our facebook page for pop-up hours!

Antiques, Vintage, Handmade & Rustic Home Decor, Furniture, Junk & Handmade Artisan Sterling Silver Jewelry. Occasional Sale Barn Sales in the summer!

Vintage Finds and Furniture
Vintage Finds and Furniture
A range of accent furniture and decor as well as some collectables!...
Details: Image, Added 12/09/15
Handmade Home Decor
Lots of hand made decor items available online or at occasional sales! ...
Details: Image, Added 04/24/15
Vintage, Custom and Personalized Jewelry
We take orders online through Etsy for handmade, custom and personalized jewelry items. Visit our Facebook page and Etsy for examples and pricing! <br /> <br /> or
Details: Image, Added 12/09/15


17615 670TH AVENUE
Nevada, IA, 50201 - 515-290-5051, USA
RusTiqueAgeHome 17615 670th Avenue
Nevada, IA, 50201 - --, USA


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