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Shabby Shack-Wellsburg

523 N Adams
Wellsburg, IA, 50680
Tel: 319-439-0539
Facebook Page: Shabby Shack-Wellsburg

Open One Weekend Each Month in Wellsburg.

Find us at The Funky Zebras in Ankeny too!!

Primitives, antiques, and lots of one-of-a-kind pieces.

We sell furniture, pictures, candles, wall decor, and more.

New items are in weekly!

Come see us in Wellsburg one weekend a month and now at The Funky Zebras in Ankeny!!...
Details: Image, Added 09/07/16
A few of the wonderful finds at Shabby Shack!!...
Details: Image, Added 09/07/16
More Finds
More of the great finds at Shabby Shack in Wellburg!!...
Details: Image, Added 09/07/16
Even More Finds!
Even more Finds found at Shabby Shack.....
Details: Image, Added 09/07/16


523 N Adams
Wellsburg, IA, 50680 - 319-439-0539, USA


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